Chicago comes to Bushwick, Brooklyn! Tune into this HRN Special Recording to hear Executive Director Erin Fairbanks chat with two Chicago chefs: Erick Williams of MK, and Zoe Schor of Ada Street. Check out this recording to hear Zoe talk about her time working for celebrity chefs like Thomas Keller, Tom Colicchio, and Todd English. Hear Zoe talk about the food landscape in Chicago in comparison to other cities like New York and Los Angeles. Tune in to hear Erick talk about working his way up in the kitchen, and the resurgence of rustic, bistro-style cuisine in Chicago. Hear about his work with at-risk youth in the city, and what opportunities kitchen work provides. This episode has been sponsored by Whole Foods.

"One of the things that really impressed me about kitchens- if you had the ability to listen, to think on your feet, and some knack for survival, you could really forge yourself an opportunity not to just learn, but to take care of yourself." [13:10]

-- Chef Erick Williams of MK Restaurant