Southern food is a rich, culturally-diverse cuisine influenced by hundreds of years of history and several continents. Chris Hastings, Owner and Executice Chef of Hot & Hot Fish Club, is in the studio today with Erin Fairbanks to talk about his storied career in the kitchen, and the allure of the South. Find out why Chris continually returns to the South despite his many culinary adventures. Why is Southern food often essentialized as one type of cuisine? Tune in to hear Chris talk about the importance of the farm-to-table movement in terms of restaurant sustainability, and why it's important to create relationships with producers on a personal level. Hear Chris and Erin talk about the lasting effects of the Gulf oil spill. This segment has been brought to you by Seersucker



"As a rule, outside of the South, people don't understand that it's a rich and diverse tapestry of cultures and traditions." [5:40]

"The South has become more popular than even in terms of discovery." [12:35]

-- Executive Chef Chris Hastings of Hot & Hot Fish Club