Ever tried orange wine? Food Talk host Mike Colameco kicks off this week's show with an in studio wine tasting with Chris Struck of the yet-to-reopen Rouge Tomate.  With conversation centered around the details of Georgian amber wine (also known as orange wine), Chris explains the differences between this variety of wine versus the commonly known red or white along with some personal anecdotes of his wino-related travels.  After the break, Katie Parla, Rome-based food and beverage educator and journalist, joins in studio highlighting the state of eating out in Rome plus how Italian food culture is changing.  Her forthcoming book, Tasting Rome, co-authored with Kristina Gill, will be published by Clarkson Potter in early 2016.


"These amber wines tend to be more tannic... it is a food wine." [15:00]

--Chris Struck on Food Talk

"We're losing something. When people [Italians] talk about their favorite dish they don't say 'it's my mom's pasta, this is my granny's pasta' and I think that's very telling." [47:52]

--Katie Parla on Food Talk