A decaffeinated coffee pop up, a fake KFC shut down in Iran, and a weed drive-thru in France: welcome to this week's edition of The Morning After!  Welcoming guest Christina Tosi to the show, Christina is the founder and owner of Milk Bar, an author, teacher, and a judge on FOX's MasterChef as well as MasterChef Junior.  Talking how she found herself in the pastry world, befriending restauranteur David Chang and eventually establishing a partnership commandeering his dessert program with Milk Bar, she has wielded her talents to growing her business (now with seven locations) to making a charity cookie with model Karlie Kloss to other exciting projects along the way.  Tune in to hear how Christina does on The Morning After quiz!


"In the most unplanned way, all of our best sellers at Milk Bar were on the menu from the very opening... for me I just really wanted to open a bakery that was my take on a bakery and was. I like the humility of what a baked good is but I like working and thinking about the technique and the flavors and the textures and the composition of it like a formally trained pastry chef." [13:52]

--Christina Tosi on The Morning After