In celebration of New York City's Cider Week, Jimmy talks to Melissa Madden of Good Life Farm; Rachel Freier of New York Cider Weeks; Maria Kennedy who writes the blog Cider with Maria; Jahil Maplestone of Descendant Cider Company; and Page Fiori and Gennaro Fiori of Boutique Wines, Spirits and Cider. They discuss why the Finger Lakes are the promised land for growing apples, the debate about the word heritage, the demand for New York State cider, the complicated history of land in New York, and the graf (cider/beer hybrid) that Descendant made with Big Slice Brewing for Cider Week. Plus, hear them react to cider made from the fruit of a single perry tree.

Cider List:
Ross on Wye's Holmer
Descendant Cider Company's Dry
Descendant Cider Company's Pomme
Big Alice Brewing's Queens Graf


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