The cider celebrations continue on Beer Sessions Radio! This in-studio show is all about cider cocktails, as Jimmy Carbone is joined by an all-star panel of guests. Hear from Eric West of Cider Guide, Yoni Rabino of Neversink Spirits, Jade Brown-Godfrey of Wassail, Bianca Miraglia of Uncouth Vermouth, Darlene Hayes of All Into Cider and author Cider Cocktails & Stephen Valand, co-host and co-founder of Brooklyn Brew Shop. Hear what makes cider such a great cocktail ingredient, why the cider movement is like the cocktail movement 15 years ago and what the future holds for cider!


"There's a spirit for every cider." [14:00]

"I think cider is at a point where cocktails were in 2001/2002. People weren't necessarily comfortable with cocktails at that point either, it was a new thing to have a cocktail bar. Ciders are in that area right now." [22:00]

--Jade Brown-Godfrey

"Craft beer has primed people to be look for more flavor and subtleties. people are willing to try new stuff." [19:00]

--Eric West