Tonight’s episode will take a look at coffee, the drink that fuels most us every day. Our panelists are Miguel Mateo, Getu Bekele and Lenore Yerkes.

Miguel is the sales and export manager for Manos Campesinas, an umbrella organization that works with 8 grassroots organizations of four different geographic departments: San Marcos, Quetzaltenango, Retalhuleu and Sololá. Overall, Manos Campesinas represents 1,073 individual members, all of them small coffee producers. Many, but not all, these small farmers are producing organic coffees.

Getu is the Ethiopia and East Africa Supply Chain Manager for Counter Culture Coffee. An agronomist based in Addis Ababa, he is an expert in Ethiopian coffee varieties.

Lenora Yerkes is Counter Culture Coffee’s wholesale support representative. She will provide stateside context for how Counter Culture Coffee continues their sustainability efforts and quality control.



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