This week’s episode of Snacky Tunes features an interview with Michael Stolfe of Connie’s Pizza in Chicago, as well as a live in-studio performance by Psymon Spine.

Connie’s Pizza is Chicago’s best kept secret for delicious Italian dishes and of course, pizza. Much has happened since founder Jim Stolfe traded his prized 1962 Oldsmobile Starfire to open the first Connie’s in a small storefront on the south side of Chicago. They have opened new restaurants and expanded into frozen foods nationwide. There are some things, however, that have not changed. They are still family owned, and still obsessed with quality and service.

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Dropping their self-titled debut EP on May 19 via Axis Mundi Records, Psymon Spine’s vibe is a hodgepodge of sonic styles: opener “Experience Machine” is a jubilant, guitar-driven romp with lush harmonies and an aggressively good-times agenda. “Eric’s Basement & Secret Tunnels,” meanwhile, blends strobing digital effects with sweet, acoustic folk-pop and an echoing, Books-ish sample, and “Gears” quietly slips in with gentle, dissonant string-work. None of these textures ought to fit together, but Psymon Spine have a knack for fitting square pegs in round holes.
This episode features live in-studio performances of “Frankie Rose” and “Wallpaper.”