Welcome to the 100th episode of Cooking Issues! To congratulate Dave Arnold and Nastassia Lopez, HRN's own Patrick Martins, Erin Fairbanks, and Michael Harlan Turkell stop by the studio and pop a bottle of Prosecco! To start off the episode, Dave addresses a recent tragedy involving cocktails prepared with liquid nitrogen. Tune in to hear Dave talk about the inherent responsibility involved with using liquid nitrogen, and why liquid nitrogen is just a tool like a knife or a deep fryer. Later, Dave takes on questions about chamber vacuum machines, and non-wood cutting boards. Later, Dave goes on a diatribe about American ham-eating tendencies. Tune in to hear Dave and Nastassia dish on sous vide lamb shanks, Pectin X Ultra SP-L, and cleaning lab equipment. This program has been brought to you by S. Wallace Edwards and Sons.

"At Booker & Dax, we never ever ever serve actual liquid cryogens to people or food and drinks that are so chilled that they can cause frostbite upon consumption... The trick is knowing what you're doing and having some common sense and respect for the safety of your customers." [3:00]

"I hate tropical paradise, except for the fruit." [31:20]

-- Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues