Dave Arnold and Nastassia Lopez are back after last week's celebration for another installment of Cooking Issues! This week, Dave troubleshoots a rotovap that's been working in dry ice and acetone, and talks about his experiences with cryo-shucking. Later, Dave talks about the best way to keep vinegar flies away from your homemade fermented foods. Hear how you can use hormone treatments to keep flies from breeding in your kitchen. What is the main difference between waffle and pancake batter? Dave shares his personal pancake recipe, and also gives some tips about how to add yeast to your pancake recipes. Finally, learn how to cook lamb at a low temperature, and hear about the FDA's sous vide standards! This program has been sponsored by Whole Foods.

"The only difference between a waffle recipe and pancake recipe is that a waffle recipe is going to contain a significant amount of oil or oil-like thing like butter. The reason is because you need something to keep the waffle sticking to the iron." [33:05]

-- Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues