Dave Arnold and Nastassia Lopez lament the world's declining champagne consumption on this week's episode of Cooking Issues. Dave starts the episode by reiterating the safety of liquid nitrogen in cooking applications if used by an experienced technician. Dave also goes on to explain the different stages of the freezing process. Harold McGee calls in to read excerpts of his book, On Food and Cooking! Tune in for an expert reading on caramelization and Maillard reactions, and hear Dave and Harold talk about making sucrose crystals. Why does dry heat produce good flavors in chili peppers and other spices? Dave also talks about the composition of Qimiq, and why it does not curdle in many applications. Dave also recommends a Vitaprep blender for making smooth soups! This episode has been sponsored by Roberta's.

"As temperature fluctuates in a freezer, that liquid water will melt and re-crystallize. So ice crystals will tend to grow over time, and make your food crappier. So there's quality loss there. Additionally, that water is super-concentrated with regards to enzymes, acids, salts - all things that can carry chemical reactions... Awful reactions can take place." [12:30]

-- Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues