This week on Cooking Issues, Dave Arnold and Nastassia Lopez are talking gummies, meringue, studying food science, and sous vide! Tune in to hear Dave offer his suggestions for making a small appetizer that includes prawns and herb gels. Find out if food processors ruin the flavor of lemongrass. Listen in and learn more about spinning lemon and lime juice, exotic spices, and the best way to cook a prime rib! Dave answers a listener question about continuing education in food science; is it better to learn in a restaurant or in an academic setting? Can melatonin be used as an antioxidant in food? Can pig bladders be used for light sous vide work? Find out on this episode of Cooking Issues! This program has been brought to you by Tekserve.

"If you're going to use a dehydrator, you want to dehydrate [a methylcellulose meringue] at 130-5 degrees Fahrenheit, but you're going to want to store it 110-120 degrees- much lower than 135 degrees- because if you store it at a high temperature and cook it for a long time to hold it, it's going to start tasting cooked." [6:45]

-- Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues