It's the last Cooking Issues of 2012! Tune in to hear Dave Arnold and Nastassia Lopez answer your cooking questions. Listen in to hear Dave offer advice about adding color to red velvet cake, and talk about the right reasons for going to culinary school. Dave mediates a listener debate about knife sharpening; what's the best sharpening system for your application? Dave talks about his favorite kitchen gadgets, and why people always cook a turducken wrong. Hear Dave's newest french fry recipe! Can you carbonate solidified fruit juice gelatin? What's the best way to cook a venison leg? Find out on this episode of Cooking Issues! This episode has been sponsored by Fairway Market.

"If you expect to expect to go and pay a huge amount of money (for culinary school), and then make that back as a line cook, then I don't know if that's necessarily money well spent." [16:15] -- Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues