How do you fry your chicken? This week on Cooking Issues, Dave Arnold shares his fried chicken recipe and cooking techniques! Joined by Nastassia "the Hammer" Lopez, Dave is answering listener questions about the health considerations of carbonation. What is 'duck milk', and how can you use it in the kitchen? Dave offers some suggestions to increase heat in a smoker, and explains how to make a transparent tomato. Later, Dave talks about the many uses of Pectin X Ultra SPL in cooking applications. Hear about the best way to prepare and kill a lobster in order to preserve flavor. This program has been brought to you by The International Culinary Center.


"I have not found any research to show that bubbly water hurts you! Let's separate what's in soda from the bubbles." [13:45]

"If you don't deaerate when you're clarifying tomatoes, you're going to get these solids floating on that the top that are really going to mess with your stuff." [28:00]

-- Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues