Smoking bacon, gluing meat, and cooking in bags - Dave Arnold's tackling it all on this week's Cooking Issues! Tune into this episode to hear Dave talk about seasoning cast iron with cooking grade flax seed oil. Learn how to work with different ice cube sizes when shaking and stirring up cocktails! Later, Dave talks to a caller about safety and smoking bacon, and another caller about using Ziplock bags for a short rib recipe. What are the best ways to cook commercial-grade beef at a low temperature? Dave helps a listener troubleshoot their dulce de leche recipe, and hear his opinions on the term 'avant-garde cuisine'. This program has been sponsored by Catskill Provisions.

"Air quality in kitchens is becoming more important... I think more studies about airborne things in your kitchen are going to become more prevalent. Definitely invest in some good ventilation." [14:30]

-- Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues