Can't get your dragons beard candy soft enough? Want to use avocado in a sous vide recipe? Do any of these questions make sense to you? If so - you've found the right show. Tune into another wild and wacky episode of Cooking Issues as host Dave Arnold plows through food-tech questions from listeners covering a wide range of topics. This week's show is extra special, as friend of the show Joel Gargano is in studio performing the Cooking Issues theme song live on-air! Today's program was sponsored by Rolling Press.


"Sourness is a relatively simple flavor in that it activates one receptor only in your tongue. Ditto with sugar." 45:00

"Hops act as an anti-microbial. If you're going to have a hop free beer, you want to make sure you won't have other things growing in it." 53:00

--Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues