Pop Rocks, vinegars, nanoparticles, and eggs- we've got it all on this week's Cooking Issues. Dave Arnold and Nastassia Lopez begin the show with a official response from S.C. Johnson about sous vide cooking in Ziplock bags! Later, hear about the possibilities of savor Pop Rocks and open-fermentation fruit vinegars. Should nanoparticles in food a safety concern? Dave hears back from listener about some new and interesting egg peeling techniques. Can harissa sauce be made shelf-stable without the addition of preservatives? Finally, Dave closes out the show by talking about Booker and Dax's ice program! This episode has been brought to you by White Oak Pastures.


"The reason to raise the pH when pressure cooking is to shift the temperature at which a Maillard reaction occurs to a lower temperature." [20:25]

"You can you take a something that is safe to use (in food) and decrease its size by so much that it is no longer safe to be used." [25:30]

-- Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues