Find out some alternative uses for transglutaminase on this week's episode of Cooking Issues. Dave Arnold and Nastassia Lopez are answering listener questions on topics from first aid to Salamander broilers. Listen in to hear how hard water affects the cooking of vegetables, and learn how you can simulate hard water with calcium hydroxide. Can transglutaminase be used to seal wounds in humans? Learn how to use pectin to preserve the shape of berries in pancakes and waffles, and find out more about trichinosis and pork in the United States. Dave suggests some ways to preserve foods on short camping trips, and explains some ways to carbonate at home! Thanks to today's sponsor, Fairway Market.

"If you have a giant ice block, you should have no problem keeping that for three days in your cooler- and put your food next to that. And you can make great drinks with that, too!" [46:10] -- Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues