Arielle Johnson, bitters enthusiast and flavor chemical collector, joins Dave Arnold and Nastassia Lopez in the studio for this week's episode of Cooking Issues. Listen in to hear Dave talk about his mashed potato nightmares, and why a swinging bucket centrifuge is the ideal centrifuge for a home kitchen. Want to cook a burger in seconds? Try ohmic heating! Later, hear answers to questions about the food safety considerations of re-using soda bottles for carbonation. Dave, Arielle, and Nastassia give some tips on making vermouth at home, and what can be done to enhance the apertif's flavor and color. Want to make better rice noodles? Finally, learn some wheat science on this week's Cooking Issues! This program has been brought to you by Fairway Market.


"Another way to cook things is to strap electrodes to the food and use the food itself as a resistor. That's the principle behind ohmic heating." [26:35]

"Whenever you're bringing liquid nitrogen into the bar, you need to have a lot of safety training." [53:15]

-- Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues