Chris Young, co-author of Modernist Cuisine and founder of ChefSteps, calls into this week's episode of Cooking Issues! Dave Arnold and Nastassia Lopez are back in the studio and are answering listener questions with Chris. Tune into this episode to hear Chris and Dave troubleshoot a candied jalapeño ice cream that lacks serious heat. How can you create a booze-y creamsicle? Later, hear Dave pepper Chris with some coffee questions. Hear how to create the ideal latte foam, and learn how grind size and water temperature affects the brew. Hear about some alcoholic beverage alternatives involving sumac and pine needles! Learn about espresso shot size, and why Chris doesn't prefer foamy coffee drinks. It's ramp season; learn how to highlight these spring vegetables on this week's Cooking Issues! Thanks to this week's sponsor, ChefSteps.


"If you want to get a really wet latte foam that is very velvety, viscous, and without a lot of bubbles, then the milk shouldn't be much hotter than 50 degrees Celsius. That's how you get a foam that's easy to pour for latte art." [21:25]

-- Chris Young on Cooking Issues