Despite a bicycling ticket, Dave Arnold speeds into the studio and joins Nastassia Lopez for another week of Cooking Issues! Dave gives some tips about making a a creme anglaise, and tackles the gluten-free trend. Why are so many Americans limiting the gluten in their diets, and does it really make sense to do so if you don't suffer from celiac disease? Hear what grains Dave learned about in Senegal that hold promise for gluten-free bread lovers. Find out ways to use leftover eggs, and hear about The Museum of Food and Drink's new cereal puffer! Dave and Nastassia wrap up the show by discussing the thermal death temperatures of pathogens, and carbonation. Thanks to William McGee for becoming a member of the Heritage Radio! This program has been sponsored by ChefSteps.


"When you're heating something, there are three things that you're trying to do- you want to make it taste good, you want to prevent bacteria from growing, and you want to kill the pathogens that are present." [45:15]

-- Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues