In this week's episode of Cooking Issues, Dave begins by answering a question on gluten intolerance by listener Mike Mallory. He then continues on to answer a question on fior de latte ice-cream, and the problems associated with making ice cream at home. Dave's offers his opinions on different brands and types of ice cream from all around the world, the effects of stabilizers during the production process, and the effects of guar and gelatin during the ice cream making method? In the second segment of this week's episode, the topic is batch freezing. Dave talks about overrun, the costs of producing ice-cream, and the differences between freezers that manufacturers use and ones that you can use to for ice-cream producing in your restaurant or at home. Lastly, Dave answers a question from a listener on popcorn making, offering suggestions to make fantastic popcorn with a great machine, and ways to put a local fish market in your neighborhood to good use. Tune in to learn more! This program has been sponsored by ChefSteps.


"A continuous freezer is usually only done by larger manufacture people." [35:40]

"The way I used to make popcorn is with a whirley pop." [49:50]

"A lot of how fish keeps is how the temperature cycles, and how the air blows on top of it within the fridge." [57:44]
-- Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues