We're smoking fish and steaming pudding on this week's episode of Cooking Issues. Dave Arnold and Nastassia Lopez are once again joined in the studio by Arielle Johnson, PhD candidate at UC Davis. Tune into this episode to learn how to safely smoke salmon using cold and hot smoking methods. When should you freeze your salmon in order to kill existing parasites? Find out how to use a dehydrate to dry fruits like apricots and mangos. Should one worry about sulfites in dehydrated fruits? Dave wraps up the show by talking about granola and his past obsession with pudding-making! This program has been brought to you by ChefSteps.


"The problem with most cured fish recipes is that they only giving a brine strength, but that's not really that helpful because curing depends on the fish-to-brine ratio." [19:30]

"The oxidation in dried fruit isn't just a color issue, but a taste issue." [35:35]

-- Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues