The phones are off the hook on this week's episode of Cooking Issues! Dave Arnold and Nastassia Lopez are talking about new dishwashing formulas that use sodium carbonate instead of phosphates. How tough are these soaps on scum? Learn how to preserve salt crystals in ice cream applications, and find out why Dave loves induction burners. Tune into this episode to hear more about pressure cookers, apple varieties, and cooking chicken for large catered events. Curious about fruit sex? Tune into this episode of Cooking Issues to find out more! This program has been brought to you by ChefSteps.


"The benefit of agar clarifications is that when you do it, you blend the fruit and the product, and you get a very fast blend. The problem is, you often do not get a very high yield." [19:30]

"Other than deep frying, fast techniques tend to produce a less than desirable surface for chicken." [42:10]

-- Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues