Dave Arnold and Nastassia Lopez talking HASIP Plans, 3-D Printing, pudding, and more on this week's Cooking Issues. Tune in to hear Dave talk about the processed involved with validating HASIP Plans, and why you should support Underground Meats in their mission to create their own! Later, learn about the difficulties associated with pasteurizing fish. Piper from Booker and Dax calls in to talk about how he prefers to make puddings using different varieties of carrageenan. Is there a way to make 3-D printed food taste delicious? Finally, hear Dave talk about humane slaughter methods, and why there is not an ikejime equivalent for poultry or red meat. Thanks to our sponsor, Underground Meats.

"Most fish cannot be adequately pasteurized in a vacuum bag because you have to cook it either too high or too long." [14:20]

"Food is about the day-in and day-out creation of something you want to eat... 3-D printing is all about extrusion using paste, and there's only so much flavor or taste that you can get out of paste." [37:00]

-- Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues