Why are canned black olives so bad? This week on Cooking Issues, Dave Arnold and Nastassia Lopez are talking about some of the cocktails they're making with crab apples for Martha Stewart's American Made event. Hear how olives for canning are preserved using huge vats of lactic and acetic acid! Later, Dave answers a listener question about natural pickling. Can you boil vegetables before pickling them? Find out how to change the acid profile of different citrus juices. How should one treat leftover pasta versus leftover meats? How does Nastassia's fantasy football team interfere at Booker and Dax? Find out all of this and more on this week's edition of Cooking Issues! Thanks to our sponsor, Underground Meats.


"The Wickson apple is nice little apple because it has a very high sugar content and a high acid content. And what that means is that it's good for cocktails." [4:10]

"Only in the U.S. does bacon refer only to the belly of the pig." [28:10]

"American beer is supposed to cold because it has no flavor!" [39:15]

-- Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues