On this week's pre-Thanksgiving episode of Cooking Issues, Dave Arnold, Nastassia Lopez, and Piper Kristensen talk about the upcoming Kickstarter for the Searzall! Tune into this episode to learn why every culinary nerd needs a Searzall in their kitchen, and how you can support their campaign. Tune in to hear about the successes of turning various nut milks into tofu-like substances. Learn how to make a Reese's-like filling for a pecan pie! Find out if salt-rising bread has the potential to be a food safety hazard. Don't miss this week's edition for more on eggs, chevre, peanuts, and other "Cooking Issues"! This program has been brought to you by Hearst Ranch.


"You can get tofu-like textures with any nut milk if you use the right processes." [21:00]

"In salt-rising bread, the rising is not due to a yeast, but your good buddy clostridium perfringens- which is not the best thing, especially if you're a soldier because clostridium perfringens causes gangrene." [38:45]

-- Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues