This week on Cooking Issues, Dave Arnold and Nastassia Lopez are smashing smoke detectors! Tune in to hear talks about calcium and pickling, the working conditions surrounding farmed shrimp, kitchen ventilation and more. Learn how to use calcium chloride for crunchy pickles without the unwanted calcium taste. How long is leaf lard safe in a freezer if it has come in contact with oxygen? Dave recounts a recent article that highlights the slave labor involved in overseas shrimp farming, and why it is important to always question the labor involved in food production. Is it safe to ostrich fiddleheads if they're only lightly blanched? Find out all of this and more on this week's edition of Cooking Issues! Thanks to our sponsor, Bonnie Plants.


"People think about sustainability, whether or not their food is local, economics, etc. Not many people consider if their food is made by slaves." [21:00]

-- Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues