Dave and Nastassia return this week after a lecture at Harvard to discuss the best things Dave’s ever gotten out of a rotovap, as well as the best practices for cleaning one. They also take questions on the future of Searzall sales, liquid nitrogen ice cream, and egg-free cakes. Dave goes into detail on how to set up a bottle-style carbonation system. This program was brought to you by Wilma Jean.

“For making seltzer, you need a high pressure regulator. The low pressure ones designed for beer won’t work. ” [19:00]

“Eggs provide viscosity, protein, and holding structure to cakes” [35:00]

“Methocel is one of the few hydrocolloids that sets as you heat it” [36:00]

“A 180 liter doer of liquid nitrogen loses 1.25% of capacity per day” [49:00]

–Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues