This week on Cooking Issues. Dave Arnold gets ready for thanksgiving week by taking listener questions on topics including naked citrus storage and stone oven construction. Dave explains why exactly NYC street pretzels suck so much and his preferences on turkey brining. Later on we take a listener question on tempeh and the benefits of making it Sous-vide style. This program was brought to you by The International Culinary Center.


“Every piece of meat that comes from a wild animal is going to taste a little differently depending on where its from, what its been eating, the condition it was in and a handful of other factors.”

“If you get a huge sack of pinkish liquid after thawing frozen meat, you know it wasn’t frozen properly.” [22:00]

“If the bread still has any moisture left in it, the salt will pull it out and leave you with a disgusting NYC street pretzel.” [43:00]

–Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues