Dave and Nastassia are back this week to take caller questions on a range of topics including french fry infusion, freezing liquor, and cooking lamb hearts. Dave goes in-depth on low-temp cooling curves and explains the technique for milkwashing vodka in a home kitchen. Later on, Dave answers a caller question on how to make large-format party drinks using a circulator and dry ice. Tune in!

"The cheapest way to do large quantities of vacuum infusion is to get an HVAC type vacuum pump for around $100 off of eBay and hook it up to a piece of acrylic placed on top of a bain-marie"

"It is very difficult to freeze things with dry ice because dry ice is not a liquid so you cant get complete submersion of your herbs in the freezing medium" Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues

"The best parts of a chicken are definitely the skins and the hearts"

--Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues