Dave and the gang are back in the studio this week joined by Peter Kim of MOFAD. Dave starts out the show by hazing our new intern and giving life lessons on nepotism before taking listener questions on high-pressure cooking and the best ways to dispose of used cooking oil. We find out everyone’s picks for their last meals and the best places to eat in NYC. Later on, Dave describes the ideal foot pedal setup for a home kitchen and what to do with a bunch of pork. This program was brought to you by MolecularRecipes.com


“Don’t be afraid of nepotism. When you don’t have anything, you have no responsibility not to accept the generosity of others.” [3:30]

“Any chemical supply site that will sell to you is going to rip you off majorly just for repackaging it.” [15:30]

“For my last meal I would want to do some kind of crazy comparison to foods I couldn’t otherwise have. I wouldn’t go for comfort food because really there’s no comfort to be had…For my last meal I would want to learn something.”

–Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues