Can tea get you stoned? Is a quesadilla a sandwich? This week on Cooking Issues Dave Arnold and his guests Arielle Johnson, head researcher at MAD, and Don Lee from Cocktail Kingdom, set out to answer these questions by drinking cannabis tea live in the studio and then having a passionate debate on what exactly defines a sandwich. Oxford dictionary sure as hell doesn't know! Tune in for the answers to all of your sandwich related questions, as well as advice on making cocktails while camping, and how to make delicious french fries. This episode was brought to you by Heritage Foods USA.


"[The cannabis tea is like] homeopathy though, it's going to make everything better!" [38:00]
--Don Lee on Cooking Issues

"If someone said let's have a sandwich and they handed me a quesadilla I'd say 'Go to Hell.'" [53:00]

"Things like dutch ovens used to be camping equipment. Would you carry one of those things into the woods? No, you would not!" [35:00]

--Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues