This week Cooking Issues welcomes a surprise special guest: Alexander Talbot of the wonderful Ideas In Food blog. They dig into a mountain of questions from callers across the country and emails alike; from what type of carrageenan is best for your recipe, to how to cook a perfect leg of lamb, to using molecular gastronomy techniques in making cool beer. Tune in as we revisit topics such as nitrates, umami, and uses of kombu in making dashi. If you've ever had a question about vegan cheese, DIY ramen, or what exactly is in Fantastik and if it's safe, this episode is for you And don't forget, Thanksgiving is coming up so don't forget to listen in for ways to cook up your veggies low-temp style as well as a special code for a free sample of Iota Carrageenan from this weeks sponsor, The Modernist Pantry.