This week on Cooking Issues, Dave Arnold is joined in the studio by cocktail and drink expert Tony Conigliaro of the Drink Factory Lab, 69 Colebrooke Row & The Zetter Townhouse. Tune in as they answer questions about everything from binary reactions of taste combinations in cocktails to low temperature heart cooking and even gizzard pickling! As usual, Cooking Issues is the only place in the world you can get the inside track on all the tech and cooking questions that nobody else will answer. Learn more about tenderizing meat, irradiated food and bottle strength carbonation! This program is brought to you by our friends at Modernist Pantry..

"I love heart. I haven't done much low temperature cooking with heart, but grilling it quickly is my favorite way to prepare heart. There's nothing quite like a grilled chicken heart. If I could just grill chickens that only had hearts and skin, I'd do it."

"When you irradiate food, there's no residual radiation left in the food. One of the issues is textual degradation over time with the food. It's the same problem you have with high pressure sterilization."

"If you taste a drink flat that you want carbonated, it should taste a little weak and low in acid."

--Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues