Dave Arnold is back from Germany and ready to solve your cooking issues! Tune in as he explains how myoglobin is responsible for the color of meat and why salting wild game before low temp cooking might not be the best idea. Get some tips on making craft soda and hear what Dave thinks about alcohol and digestion. Also find out what's going on with the foie gras ban in California and why Dave could live without the fattened liver. This program was sponsored by Modernist Pantry

"The color of meat is due in large part to the state of myoglobin as it's cooking."

"The problem with reverse osmosis is that it takes out almost everything and coffee needs some minerals in it."

"I like foie gras fine, but I could live without it. Although, I don't think it's necessarily inhumane because their livers are 'diseased.' "

--Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues