Dave Arnold breaks his personal record as he zooms on his bicycle to Roberta's for this week's Cooking Issues! This week, Dave gives away some pork chops from the Heritage Meat Shop to listeners who answered this question, "What Colombian fruit naturally creates a frothy head and can be used as an egg white substitute in cocktails?" The answer- lulo! Later on, Dave finally answers some questions about processed cheese and cheese consistency. Also Dave talks about some problems with mushy meat at low temperatures, as well as whether or not to cook a suckling pig using sous vide. Don't let your pork skin get too dehydrated! Other topics include low-and-slow cooking of a Boston Butt, as well as some more questions about cocktails. This program has been brought to you by Hearst Ranch.


"Not every muscle in a hog wants to cook the same way...a suckling pig is a little bit different because it doesn't require as much cooking time as a whole hog because it doesn't require as much time to break down." --Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues