Though he's late to the studio again, Dave Arnold is back for another hilarious and jam-packed episode of Cooking Issues. We've got calls from Memphis, stories of crazy fruit trees and advice for making herb mayonnaise. Find out why Nastassia's preferred title is "heir apparent" and hear an awesome recipe for chlorophyll butter, used to coloring sauces green. Learn more about artisanal cheese in America, handling chili peppers and oxidation in vermouth and fortified wines. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market.


"One of the sad things about cookbooks it that are lots of books before the modern cooking era that have fallen by the wayside and haven't been read enough. I don't hear as many people talking about James Peterson's sauce books as often as they should."

"If you only handle the waxy outer cuticle section while you're cutting hot peppers - you won't come in contact with the seeds much."

--Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues