What do you do with a pig head? Why don't more people like scrapple and haggis? Want more tips on food preservation? You're in the right place! Tune into another hilarious and information-packed episode of Cooking Issues hosted by Dave Arnold. He takes listener questions on everything from coffee infused cocktails to the poisonous nature of Indonesian candle nuts. Find out why Dave thinks there will be an explosion of immersion circulators on the market soon and his advice for smoking a whole chicken. Do your best to keep up with Dave's mile-a-minute stream of knowledge and learn more about a myriad of food and cooking related issues. Today's program was brought to you by Hearst Ranch.

"Guanciale is one of the more delicious things in the world. It ranks in my top 1 of pizza toppings."

"Salt is usually used in conjunction with dehydration for preservation in foods like ham. Salt also has other properties - it inhabits some bacteria but not lactic acid bacteria."

"With the immersion circultator dropping below $500 there will be an EXPLOSION of circulators on the market."

--Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues