CNN is in the studio filming Dave for "The Next List" on this week's edition of Cooking Issues and Dave has a full mailbag of questions to answer. From making ice-cream at home with a Carpigiani to hydro-colloid experimentation, Dave's got the solutions to all of your issues. Learn more about different types of fats, low temperature cooking techniques and more. What would it take for Dave to punch somebody in the face over food? How does fracking affect ice cream? How can you make sure not to ruin prime-rib when cooking? How can you manage allergies to cherries and apples? If any of this interests you at all - press play immediately! Today's episode of Cooking Issues was brought to you by The International Culinary Center.


"If you need to rely on [an ice cream maker] for your business - don't buy it on used or on eBay." [6:10]

"There is no one fat that is the best fat for frying." [32:15]

"The last thing on earth you want to do is cook an entire prime rib low temp and then do a flash sear." [27:00]

"Different apple varieties have widely different levels of allergens that cause your throat to itch." [49:20]

--Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues