This week on Eating Matters, we provide a recap of the Good Festival, a Brooklyn-based conference started by Wen-Jay Ying, Founder and Director of Local Roots NYC.

Wen-Jay joins host Jenna Liut in the studio to discuss the key conference themes of compassion, communication and collaboration – not just hippie ideals but also a prescription for a healthy food system. Tune in to learn how to make choices that celebrate and benefit our local food economy.

Later in the show, Leo Pollock discusses his Rhode Island-based startup, Compost Plant, the first full service composter in the state.

Wen-Jay Ying at Taproot Farm in Pennsylvania. (Source: flickr)

Wen-Jay Ying at Taproot Farm in Pennsylvania. (Source: flickr)

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"The awareness around composting is sort of where recycling was 15 or 20 years ago. For some people it made sense, and for some people it's sort of like: 'Why do we need to do that?'" [38:40] – Leo Pollock.