On today’s episode of THE FOOD SEEN, we meet Roman Cho, the photographer behind “Culinaria”, profiling some of the most influential people behind the food scene. No images of food here, just portraits, which explores the surface level of what a person looks like, and the personality they convey, without trying to impose a photographer’s style. Inspired by Richard Avedon’s 1976 seminal body of work, “The Family”, which documented the corporate and media elite whom he considered constituted the power structure of the power at that time, which include George W. Bush as head of the CIA, and Mark Felt, who was later found to be “Deepthroat". Cho’s work visits food scientist Harold McGee, urban farmer Will Allen, fermentation evangelist Sandor Katz, and the trifecta of Alice Waters, Ruth Reichl & Nell Newman. See these faces brought to the forefront, and learn more about their stories through the captions.


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