This week is Cutting the Curd's 100th episode! Congratulations to Anne Saxelby, Sophie Slesinger, and everyone else who has either been a guest or supported Cutting the Curd thus far! For this very special episode, Brian Keyser, Dimitri Saad, and Leigh Friend of Casellula Cheese & Wine Café are in the studio for a seven-course cheese tasting! More specifically, Anne and Sophie are taking a lesson in cheese pairing from everyone at Casellula. Hear about some of the cheese condiments at Casellula, as well as how to do your own cheese pairing with food from your pantry. Learn some general basics in terms of complimentary and contrasting tastes and textures. Sit down with a plate of cheese and some of your favorite snacks to pair, and listen to the 100th episode of Cutting the Curd! This episode was sponsored by Hearst Ranch.

"There are no rules to pairing- that's something I like to make clear. Whatever you like to eat together is what goes well together... But two rules of thumb are that you either want to compliment or contrast." -- Brian Keyser on Cutting the Curd

"I believe that it's easier for us sometimes to go for something that's going to compliment, but the fun part about what we do at Casellula is that we taste everything. So sometimes you're going to get that experience from something that is completely unexpected." -- Leigh Friend on Cutting the Curd