Today on Cutting the Curd, Diane Stemple is joined by a panel of guests to talk about holiday cheeses and cheese gift ideas. Joining Diane in the studio are NYC cheese geeks Jessica Kesselman, Amy Sisti-Baum, and Sarah Zaborowski. Hear what cheeses to bring to your holiday gatherings! The studio decides what cheese books and accessories would be great holiday gifts! Diane asks the question, "What American cheeses do you bring as a gift to a steadfast Euro-phile?" Hear about some great American cheeses from Jasper Hill Farms and Pleasant Ridge Reserve! Hear about the cheesemongers' role in introducing customers to new cheeses, despite customers' initial hesitations. What cheeses do you bring to your Kraft-loving relatives, or your wine snob friends? Find out on Cutting the Curd! This episode has been sponsored by Tabard Inn.

"I have decided that I would like to be able to give people spreaders that will not break and maybe even pair it with a cheese, so that they will know what knife to use for that kind of cheese." [15:20] -- Jessica Kesselman on Cutting the Curd