Diane Stemple's guest on today's Cutting the Curd is Max McCalman, the Dean of Curriculum at Artisanal. Listen in to hear Max recount some of his first childhood cheese memories, and his goal to dispel nutrition misconceptions about cheese. Hear about Max's initial cheese education at Picholine, and how it influenced the idea to begin Artisanal. Diane and Max speak to their cheese tastes, and the differences between raw milk production and pasteurization. Learn more about the American Cheese Society Certification Exam! This program has been sponsored by Hearst Ranch.


"I think Picholine is partially responsible for this 'cheese wave' in the United States- that cheese can be a stand-alone food." [4:20]

"People used to look at cheese like it was poisonous, indulgent- and that it was fattening!" [10:00]

"During my short career, I've seen some cheeses become extinct. They're not ever coming back." [18:40]

-- Max McCalman on Cutting the Curd