As Anne Saxelby continues to explore the lives and careers of Cheesemongers across the nation on Cutting the Curd, this week she checks in with Peter Lovis, the warm and charismatic proprietor of the Concord Cheese Shop in New England. Hear his cheese journey and find out why he thinks it's absolutely necessary to have a face to face interaction with the people selling you your cheese - not a digital relationship. Find out why cut to order is always better and what makes raw milk cheeses so special! This program was sponsored by Academie Opus Caseus.


"Now to be a cheesemogner is actually an honorable profession!" [4:00]

"How can you buy cheese on the internet!? It's so wrong to me I can't fathom how anybody would do it!" [30:00]

---Peter Lovis of Concord Cheese Shop on Cutting the Curd