It's time for Camp Bacon! Tune in to this week's episode of Cutting the Curd as Anne Saxelby chats with Ari Weinzwieg, founder of Zingerman's and creator of Camp Bacon, a fundraiser in Ann Arbor, MI for Southern Foodways Alliance that brings together Bacon-Lovers, -Makers, Cooks, Curers and anyone who likes to learn, eat and enjoy cured and smoked pork belly. Camp Bacon is four days of all things bacon — eating, learning, listening, tasting and talking; a pork centric party that features everything from poetry to pigs. Camp Bacon convenes on the evening of Thursday May 30, moves through a bacon-laden meal to a bacon tinged music to a day long delight of bacon learning and tasting, concluding on Sunday June 2 with a bacon street fair filled with bacon tasting, bacon crafts, bacon games and all around bacon fun. Find out more here and tune in for bacon goodness! This program was sponsored by Academie Opus Caseus.


"Old breeds will almost always produce a better bacon because the flavor of the meat is more interesting." [16:00]

--Ari Weinzweig on Cutting the Curd