On this month’s special book review edition of Cutting the Curd with special guest host Diane Stemple, listeners are introduced to Diane St. Clair, the author of The Animal Farm Buttermilk Cookbook: Recipes and Reflections from a Small Vermont Dairy. The yet to be released book offers 100 recipes, from sweet to savory, designed to showcase the best that buttermilk can contribute to food, all set in the context of what it is like to live and work on a small Vermont artisanal dairy. Diane has been making artisanal butter for over a decade and started bottling her buttermilk in 2009. Learn about dairy farming, the wonderful world of buttermilk and the book writing journey Diane embarked on for this project. Today’s program was sponsored by Academie Opus Caseus.



“One of the things that makes my product unique compared to a factory product is that it has a seasonal quality that reflects the milk at different times of the year depending on what my cows are eating.” [10:00]

–Diane St. Clair on Cutting the Curd