Who doesn't love Mac & Cheese? On the monthly book review edition of Cutting the Curd, guest host Diane Stemple is joined by Laura Werlin, a James Beard award-winning author with an unbridled passion for cheese. Laura's latest book is Mac & Cheese Please, where you'll find 50 recipes organized by fun topics, such as Classic and Almost-Classic Mac & Cheese, Porky Mac & Cheese, Decadent Mac & Cheese, Lighten Up Mac & Cheese, Veggie Mac & Cheese, Party Time Mac & Cheese, and Breakfast for Dinner Mac & Cheese. The 50 recipes are presented in a fun format, like her previous title, Grilled Cheese Please! She even includes an appendix that includes info on all the food trucks and restaurants that specialize in mac & cheese. Tune in to learn more about one of the most popular dishes in America, and hear the nuances that go into writing a cookbook! Cutting the Curd is underwritten by The Dairy Farm Families of Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.


"In many ways, the single subject book format is much easier because I know what the basic idea will be - and then it's a question of getting creative with it." [08:00]

"If we just keep talking about cheeses we know in the cheese world that others dont - it will stay amongst ourselves rather than reaching a larger group of people who might be interested in these cheeses but don't know about them. I try to provide gateways into cheese with these books that will encourage people to go further." [18:00]

--author Laura Werlin on Cutting the Curd