Lassa Skinner is a woman who knows her cheese. As founder/owner at Culture cheese magazine and Co-Author of Cheese For Dummies, she knows how to translate her cast amount of cheese knowledge to the public. On this week's book review of Cutting the Curd, join guest host Diane Stemple as she chats with Lassa about the process of writing Cheese for Dummies, which is the only book in the Dummies series with photography! Learn about what considerations went into a book intended to be accessible for all audiences and discover how Lassa makes sure her audiences are never intimidated by cheese! Cutting the Curd is underwritten by The Dairy Farm Families of Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board. 


"I try to make sure people are not intimidated by cheese - which believe it or not they are!" 02:00

--Lassa Skinner on Cutting the Curd